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Book Description

 The founding father of totalitarianism, Pandit Chanakya or Kautilya is famous for his work, ‘Arthashastra’.

It is said that the doctrine of totalitarianism spread from Brahmanic India across the world like the pestilence, leading to the deaths of hundreds of millions of helpless humans. India was the first country to suffer under this Brahmin creation when the Mauryan dynasty crushed the people of India under the inhuman yoke of Chanakya. Undoubtedly, the Mauryan Empire was a totalitarian state. The brutal Mauryas closely followed Pandit Chanakya's guidelines, conquering India and transforming it into a massive depopulated desert.

This book deals with Chanakya, the diplomat and the wise statesman, who changed the face of India in those times with the cancer of totalitarianism.