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Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens

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Book Description

Charles Dickens was one of the prominent novelist of Victorian Age. He produced a body of work as a reporter, essayist, correspondent and editor.

As a reporter, Dickens often emerged as an outraged bourgeois reformer, uncompromising in his attacks on privileged interests. During his literary career, he came forward as a restless, poetic wanderer, blending observation, autobiography and allegory in his remarkable works. Most of his works stand to portray his faculty for acute observation and rhetorical creativity. In addition, they afford a panoramic window to the novelist’s attitudes and preoccupations.

Employed early in life, Charles Dickens’ novels provide an insight to his childhood experiences. Traversing through the pages of some of his great works, one encounters flamboyant accounts of some of the darkest areas of his age.