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Classic Tales-The Indian In The Cupboard

Classic Tales-The Indian In The Cupboard

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Book Description

The Indian in the Cupboard is a children's book by British author Lynne Reid Banks.


A Long time ago, there lived a boy called Omri in Manhattan. Omri was nine years old. He lived with his family. He was a very nice boy.


One day, on Omri’s birthday, Omri’s father gave him an old wooden cupboard. The old cupboard was very beautiful. It was also very big.

Omri’s mother gave him the key to that cupboard and his friend Patrick gave him a little Indian figure. This Indian figure was mad of plastic.


After the party, Omri played for some time with the Indian figure. After playing, Omri kept the Indian figure in the cupboard. He then locked the cupboard and slept.


The next morning, a loud noise was coming from the cupboard. When Omri heard the noise, he got up and went to see, from where the noise was coming.


He came to know that the noise was coming from the cupboard. He opened the cupboard. He saw that the Indian plastic figure had become alive! There, in front of his eyes, stood a four-inch Indian figure.


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