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Classic Tales-The Man Who Had No Face

Classic Tales-The Man Who Had No Face

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No Of Pages : 16
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Book Description

This is a story about a young boy. one day, when the boy was coming back from his work, he had a very big fight with some robbers. What happened after that? Did he live after the fight? Let us read the story and find out.


Once upon a time, there was a family. This family had a young boy. The family shifted to Australia, because the father of the family had got a job in Australia. This young boy wanted to work on a circus. While the boy was looking for work in a circus, he found work at a dock. He started washing the ships. He also helped in keeping the goods on the ships.


One night, after a full day’s work, the boy was going back home. Suddenly, five robbers attacked the boy. They tried to take away everything the boy had.


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