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Classic Tales-The Story Of King Midas

Classic Tales-The Story Of King Midas

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No Of Pages : 16
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Book Description

Midas was once a very rich king who ruled the land of Phygia. He lived in a huge castle with his wonderful daughter called Zoe.


Midas thought that his huge pile of gold made him happiest of all.


Once, God Dionysu’s friend fell asleep in King Midas garden. When King Midas saw him, he treated Silenus very well. When God saw this he became very happy and said to Midas, “You can ask me for anything.”


In an instant Midas replied, “I wish that everything that I touch would turn to gold!”


Dionysus frowned, “Are you sure that’s what you want?” “Oh yes,” Midas answered, “Very well,” said Dionysus. Read the complete story of king Midas from ebook.