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Classic Tales-The Wessex Tale

Classic Tales-The Wessex Tale

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Book Description

Wessex tales talks about nineteenth century marriage, grammar, class status, medical diseases etc.


The wessex tale is a story of three strangers. They meet at the house of a shepherd. Who are these three strangers? Are they related? Why have they come to the shepherd’s house? Let us read the story and find out.


It was the month of March. In a village in Casterbridge, a baby girl was born to a shepherd.


He was so happy that he decided to throw a dance party. Though it was raining heavily outside, nineteen guests were enjoying the party inside the house.


The shepherd had spent a lot of money and invited a troop of singers to his house. They were a famous troop. They sang to the guests. There was food and drinks for everyone. Everybody was having a lot of fun at the party.


Meanwhile, a poor, thin man was walking towards the village in the heavy rain. He was around forty years old and was about five feet nine inches tall. As he walked through the streets, the rain soaked his coat and made it heavy. To know complete story sign up for eBook.