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Classic Tales-The Wolf and The Seven Kids

Classic Tales-The Wolf and The Seven Kids

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No Of Pages : 16
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Book Description

A long time ago, there lived an Old Goat. She had seven little kids. She loved her children a lot. One day, she decided to go into the forest to get food for her children.


Before she left the house, she called all her children to her and said, “Dear children, I am going to the forest to get food for you. Now, do not open the door for anyone, while I am away. If the Old Wolf will enter our hut, he will eat all of you! You will be able to recognise him by his rough voice and dirty black feet.”


The children replied, “Dear Mother, do not worry! We will be very careful while you are away. Please go on and do not worry about us at all. We will be quite safe here.”


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This german fairy tale is from the collection of Brothers Grimm. For animated ebook version visit here.