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Classic Tales-Thumbelina

Classic Tales-Thumbelina

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No Of Pages : 16
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Book Description

Once upon a time, there was a woman. She loved children very much. But, she did not have any children of her own.


One morning, she came out in her garden and saw a small beautiful flower in the flower-pot. The petals were half-shut and it still looked like a bud.


“What a beautiful flower!” thought the woman. There in the middle of the flower, sat a little girl, quite tiny and very pretty. She was no bigger than a thumb. The woman saw the pretty little girl and named her Thumbelina. She spent all her time with Thumbelina, after that.


One night, Thumbelina was sleeping in her pretty little bed. Soon, it was midnight. An old and ugly toad came in through a broken pane in the window and she saw Thumbelina. What did ugly toad do Thumbelina? To read the complete story buy the eBook.