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Classic Tales-Tom Thumb

Classic Tales-Tom Thumb

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Book Description

This fairytale is about Tom who was as big as his father's thumb.


There was once a poor peasant and his wife, who had a son as big as a thumb. Because he was so small, they called him Tom Thumb. Though they gave him a lot to eat, the child did not grow taller. He remained of the same size.


Then one day, a man came to the peasant and said to him, “Sell us the little man. We will take good care of him.”


“No,” replied the father, “we love our son a lot and we can not sell him for anything.”


Tom Thumb who was listening to what was being said, whispered, “Father let me go, I will soon come back again.” The father agreed and sold Tom Thumb to the man for a huge sum of money. “Where will you sit?” the man asked Tom Thumb.


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