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Book Description

Great Mathematician and Physicist Sir Isaac Newton was born in a poor family in the year 1643. Just three months before he was born his father got died.  Isaac did his schooling at King's School in Lincolnshire. During his early education Isaac was brilliant student. Isaac got very good results in his final exams and got admission in Trinity College Cambridge.

Mathematics and Physics were Isaac's favorite subjects. He started to pursue his interest in these two subjects. There he developed theory on calculus. Apart from this, other mathemetical achievements by Newton are :
Generalized binomial theorem
Use of fractional indices
Discovered a new formula for pi
Theory of finite differences
Newton’s method etc.

In science, He developed the spectrum by splitting the white light through prism. In Mechanics and Gravitation he explained about the three laws of motion that became the milestone for moden physics. All this is just a brief details about great scientist. SIgnup and read the remaining story of a great scientist from ebook online.

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